a/political - collaboration

22 jan 2015

Franko B is happy to announce his collaboration with a/political.


a/political [áy/pəlittik'l] dedicated to the support and promotion of artists working within a socio-political framework; aiming to elucidate current social and political concerns 1. providing a neutral space free from bias for debate and dialogue around topical issues and aesthetics 2. committed to creating an internationally significant collection of engaged art 3. working alongside selected artists and cultural institutions to produce and promote dynamic global projects.

projects / the project archive showcases dynamic collaborations with selected artists on awards, exhibitions and curatorial projects. a/political endeavours to acquire work from the projects for the collection.

pilot / through this initiative, artists are commissioned to write a text on an area of socio-political interest. the text acts as a form of initial research, clarifying thoughts and opinions around a subject that will be used to underpin an upcoming work or project.

collection / the collection aims to track the history of socio-political art from the beginning of the twentieth century until the present day. reflecting artistic responses to key political events, war and conflict by way of acquisitions, commissions and co-productions, the a/political collection continues to grow at the core of the organisation. crucially, it remains a work in progress, merging the ongoing support of contemporary projects with a politically focused art history.

(Image: Untitled from the Black Period, 2005/06 (c) Franko B)