DIPINGERE IL PRESENTE - Group exhibition of 16 Italian and 16 Chinese artists, curated by Alessandro Demma

6th - 26th August 2016

Peninsula Art Museum, Weihai, China


Taking its cue from the long, shared visual history of Italy and China, the exhibition aims to analyse the problems and demands of contemporary life and the tools that may be used to de-codify it from the inside of the pictorial space, interpreted as a place both physical and mental – one of the most important and complex themes of today’s art. 

Italian Artists in the exhibition: Andrea Aquilanti; Franko B; Fabrizio cotognini; Alberto Di Fabio; Massimiliano Galliani; Daniele Galliano; Paul Gonzato; Corinna Gosmaro; Silvia Hell; Paolo Leonardo; Mariangela Levita; Pierpaolo List; Marco Blacks; Pierluigi Pusole; Alessandro Sarra; Giancarlo Scagnolari.

 Chinese Artists: Cang Xin; Chen Haoyang; Chen Wenling; Han Yansong; He Wenjue; Huang Ying; Of them; Lei Li; Liu Jianfeng; Meng Luding; Tao Na & Cong Xiao; Wang Yun; Zhang Xinyu; Zhang Yanzi; Zhang Zhaohui; Zhou Yangming.

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