CROSS MY HEART: FRANKO B - review of exhibition at New Art Projects by Lilian Pizzichini for Trebuchet

Review by Lilian Pizzichini for Trebuchet:

"History permeates Franko B’s work. It might look like personal history, but the history and the future he imagines is made of people other than himself. The dead are the material of his work and with the dead come numbers. This is where the ceramics come in. The tiny painted porcelain figures who line the walls of his show are arranged first as a heart then as a cross. He has forgotten no one. [...]"

FRANKO B: I'M HERE - review by Stewart Who

Review by Stewart Who? for Shortwave.

 "When the lights dimmed to darkness and Franko emerged, painted white and naked, it was hard not to shudder in concerned excitement. His bare, ghostly body has been a consistent theme over the years, but for this show, the whitewash served to turn his flesh into canvas for a digital montage. The rotating dais echoed those creepy children’s ballerina boxes, but this was no nursery rhyme and taffeta tutus were thin on the ground. [...]"

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For more information abut I'm Here, see 

FRANKO B - solo exhibition at New Art Projects, London

Thu 04 Nov 2021 - Thu 23 Dec 2021 
New Art Projects, London 

In 2019 Franko B was commissioned to make a major exhibition and installation at Rua Red in Dublin curated by a/political. It is our great pleasure to present two major pieces from the show for a London Audience in 2021 and to include them in this, his first solo show at New Art Projects.

CORPUS DOMINI - group exhibition at Palazzo Reale, Milan

From 27 October 2021 to 30 January 2022, 
Palazzo Reale in Milan will host the exhibition Corpus Domini. 

From the glorified body to the ruins of the soul, 
curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti. 

The exhibition is sponsored and produced by Palazzo Reale and Comune di Milano-Cultura, in collaboration with Marsilio Arte and Tenderstories. 

111 works - installations, sculptures, drawings, paintings, video installations, and photographs - by 34 internationally recognized artists, some of them true icons of contemporary art, are on display for the first time in Italy to collectively capture the multiplicity of the ways in which the human being is represented. The title refers to the disappearance of the 'real body' in favor of the 'body of the spectacle': from the Glorified Body - the body of awareness, of rebellion, of otherness - to the Contemporary Body – intended on the one hand as the body of our spectacle-based society, and on the other in its most poetic forms of exodus, of work, of the silent multitude. “The boundary between real and imaginary is less and less recognizable, to the point of absorbing reality into a screen, as demonstrated by the obsessive presence of screens in our lives: the flat screens of televisions and computers, video games, smartphones”, writes the curator, who goes on to say, “The screen erases the distance between the viewer and the viewed, invites us to immerse ourselves in it, offers us a reality we can hold in our hand, but on which our hand has no grip”. 

In 1,000 square meters of exhibition space, the installation unfolds as an analysis of the emergence of new forms of representation in the contemporary world, focusing on the historical passage from the living body that was the protagonist of Body Art to the reinvented body of Hyperrealism, on the changing aesthetic canons of representation, and on the powerful evocation of the individual through the traces that s/he leaves behind. A story intended to reflect on the crisis of sensory experience triggered by the advent of a culture that offers perfect bodies, modified bodies, bodies that have been re-conceived and re-produced, and thus essentially fake. 

On display are works by AES+F, Janine Antoni, Yael Bartana, Zharko Basheski, Joseph Beuys, Christian Boltanski, Vlassis Caniaris, Chen Zhen, John De Andrea, Gino de Dominicis, Carole A. Feuerman, Franko B, Robert Gober, Antony Gormley, Duane Hanson, Alfredo Jaar, Kimsooja, Joseph Kosuth, Charles LeDray, Robert Longo, Urs Lüthi, Ibrahim Mahama, Fabio Mauri, Oscar Muñoz, Gina Pane, Marc Quinn, Carol Rama, Michal Rovner, Andres Serrano, Chiharu Shiota, Marc Sijan, Dayanita Singh, Sun Yuan e Peng Yu, Gavin Turk.

I'M HERE - New performance by Franko B - Premiere in Newcastle

Pioneering performance artist Franko B presents the UK tour of his new work I’m Here, commencing July 2021. Using innovative body mapping techniques, in collabora- tion with Anthony Martin from a/political, Franko B revisits his seminal bloodletting works for the first time in the artist's practice. Each cut challenging the audience to confront their own history, a global history of war, abandonment, homo- phobia, freedom, displacement, famine and sex.

More information:

The first Performance will be presented by Globe Gallery, Newcastle, in Collaboration with The Department of Media, Culture, Heritage at Newcastle University on 2nd July 2021 

THINGS THAT MAKE ME CRY - Exhibition in Newcastle


Franko B:  Things that Make me Cry 

Globe Gallery, Newcastle

12th June - 3rd July 2021
“Things that Make me Cry” showcases Franko B’s ‘Lost Boys’ - a series of individually hand-crafted, ceramic figures and sculptures both fragile and powerful in their significance and symbolism. 

The exhibition draws from Franko B’s childhood in Milan and experiences he encountered when he was taken into care. This early stage of his life left such an imprint on Franko that it has become an integral part of his identity and a prevalent theme within his work

Skopje Pride Weekend 2021: The Queer commons: Politics of Friendship, Love and Affects

Franko B will be taking part with an exhibition, video screenings and lecture

June 2nd - 9th 2021

Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje

STILL LIFE 2: Edition of Giclee prints now available, Special Launch Price

SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE: 25% off until 30th April 2021
Available from

The original Still Life was a photographic project produced by Franko B between 2001 and 2003 (and published as a book by Black Dog Publishing in 2003). The images focus on scenes of homelessness in London. 

In 2017, Franko resumed the series, producing a new set of images, Still Life 2.

Twelve of these new images have now been produced as Giclee prints, which are available to buy individually or as four triptychs. Each print is A3 size (29.7x42cm) and is an edition of 100 (signed and numbered on reverse).

2 New Tote Bags now available

These bags are 100% cotton and printed on both sides, with 2 different designs by Franko B: 'Kiss' and 'The Revolution is Fake'.

Available to buy now from

Flower Series

A new series of stitched drawings on canvas, Flower Series.

Wool on canvas, 40x30 cm each

Franko B, 2020

LOST BOYS SERIES - new ceramic figures

A series of new works from the Lost Boys series of ceramic wall hangings are now available from 


I'm Here is a new publication by Franko B and designer David Caines. It was originally published as a PDF (available from, and now a special print edition has been produced, consisting of 22 copies and seven artist proofs. The print edition is lavishly produced and expands upon the digital version, with more than 400 full colour pages, including even more images and texts from the last 30+ years of Franko's practice. It comes as a boxed set including a unique stitched drawing on paper for each edition, as well as a selection of various items such as postcards, stickers, booklets, cardboard cutouts and other materials from Franko's archive
Available to buy now from >


I'M HERE (EDITING MY TIME) AN OFFERING - New digital publication by Franko B and David Caines

I'm Here is a new publication by Franko B and David Caines. The book is available only in PDF form - and exclusively through Unbound, with a special launch price of £8.00.
Buy it here:

'I’m Here is a collaborative project with artist and designer David Caines and made possible by the generosity of artists, collaborators, scholars, curators, academics and friends that have contributed to my life journey and work. A collection of more than 400 archival images and critical writing about my time and work, edited by me from material that forms my archive, which is held at the University of Bristol, spanning over 30 years of my art practice.' - Franko B

I'm Here responds to the acquisition of Franko B's archive by the University of Bristol. The archive contains more than 30 years of material relating to Franko’s performances, exhibitions, screenings, visual art, collaborations and his work as a curator, lecturer and mentor. All items, including digitised copies of the videos in the collection, are available to view on site at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection.

THE BODY IS (NOT) HERE - Photos of the exhibition of Franko B's Archive, University of Bristol Theatre Collection

The Body Is (Not) Here - Franko B's Archive
14th February - 1st May 2020. University of Bristol Theatre Collection
Photographs by Alice Hendy © University of Bristol


Friday, 6th March 2020 to Sunday, 8th March 2020, 11:00 to 18:00
Free Drop In
Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA

Moving Bodies: Franko B’s Archive celebrates the archive of artist, curator and teacher Franko B, who rose to prominence in the 1990s due to his extraordinary body-based performances often involving the practice of bloodletting.

Featuring iconic performances such as I Miss You, Still Life and Oh Lover Boy along with archival footage, this 45 minute screening of newly digitised material filmed over Franko’s extensive career can be viewed throughout the weekend, coinciding with the symposium ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ at Arnolfini (6 March), and an archival exhibition The Body is (not) Here at the Theatre Collection (14 February – 1st May), where Franko’s archive is now held.

Organised with the University of Bristol Theatre Collection Moving Bodies: Franko B’s Archive is part of a series of events funded by the Wellcome Trust, forming a larger project to catalogue, conserve, digitise and widen access to Franko’s archive, which was donated by the artist to the Collection in 2008.

More information: