FRANKO B - archive

FRANKO B's archive is held at University of Bristol
What's in the Archive?
The archive covers the last 20 years of Franko’s work, and includes material in a wide variety of formats related to his performances, screenings, exhibitions, collaborations, mentoring, books and visual art.
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Franko B with his archive, Toynbee Studios, 2008
DIY Bleeding Kit. Photo: Manuel Vason Franko B wearing garments produced from performance residue, 'I Miss You', 2000. Photo: Manuel Vason Franko B, flag from 'They Shoot Children don't They?, 2006. Franko B, 'Mama I can't sing', 1995. Photo: Manuel Vason
There are posters and photographs of Franko and his work, and also a number of items made from the cloth Franko has bled onto during his performances, including several garments. Other artefacts include the number counter machine, the bleeding kit, two kilner jars of syringes and other objects associated with bleeding, and the fabric representing the British and American flags with blood splatters from 'They Shoot Children Don’t They' (2006) – a piece relating to the Iraq war.

Franko will continue to add to the archive as his performance works develop in coming years. He has recently decided to discontinue bleeding in performance, and is pursuing other challenging creative strategies, including painting.

In 'Don't Leave Me This Way', his latest performance work in progress, Franko B's body is presented naked and unpainted, seated on a raised plinth or altar. The audience is allowed time to look at his body, to approach it as a sculptural form. 'Don't Leave Me This Way' will continue his practical research into the politics of performance, in new and unexpected ways.
Franko B wearing garments produced from performance residue, 'I Miss You', 2000. Photo: Manuel Vason Franko B, objects. Photo: Manuel Vason Franko B, 'Oh Lover Boy', 2001. Photo: Manuel Vason

For access to the Franko B Archive, please contact Bex Carrington, Keeper: Live Art Archives on 0117 33 15186, or email:

Franko B, 'Mama I can't sing', 1995. Photo: Manuel VasonFranko B,'Oh Lover Boy' book cover, 2001. Cover photo: Manuel VasonFranko B, 'I Miss You', 2000. Photo: Manuel VasonFranko B, 'Aktion 398', 1998. Photo: Manuel VasonFranko B, 'Blinded by Love' book cover, 2007


New book by Gabriele Tinti - Legendary Hearts
published by Damiani, Bologna 2009


LONG LIVE ROMANCE - International workshop in art and performance, Macerata, Marche, Italy, 29th April - 16th May 2009 (curated by Franko B)


I'M THINKING OF YOU - Performance at Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea L. Pecci, Prato, Italy.
27th and 28th May 2009, part of  Contemporanea Colline  Festival.