Because of Love by Franko B
(in alphabetical order)

Kamal Ackarie - Lighting Designer
Martin Hargreaves - Dramaturge adviser
Gilles Jobin - Choreography adviser
Othon - Composer and pianist
Thomas Qualmann - Animator
Shabnam Shabazi - Franko B’s Assistant
Steve Wald - Production Manager

Because of Love is a major new performance piece by Franko B, aiming to bring his practices to new audiences - not only within the context of visual art, but also dance and theatre.

Collaborating with some fantastic artists from different fields to realize the piece, concerned with childhood, humanity, inhumanity, love and grief.

Because of Love is loosely autobiographical, drawing upon personal and cultural memories from different times in Franko B's life.

Central to the work is the idea of the sentimentality of memory, the emotional charge and romanticism often applied to the experience of remembering.

Ambitious in its scale and complexity, bringing together elements of human presence, projected video, live music and lighting to weave a loose, non-linear narrative. The performance will involve a duet betwixt Franko B and a life-sized, mechanical polar bear: not so much as a tightly controlled piece of choreography, but more as an instinctive response to the dynamic mis-en-scene and contexts in which the work is shown in.

The first two public presentations of BECAUSE OF LOVE will take place in May 2012 at LICA (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts) and Colchester Arts Centre - more details to follow shortly.

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