26th January 2013
at The Flying Dutchman, London
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/444441205604276/?fref=ts

A platform for performance, installation, music and art events curated by Franko B in support of the Southwark LGBT Network. This is a free event but we will kindly ask for voluntary donations to support the Network.

ARTISTS: Andrea Abbatangelo, Andro Andrex, Sarah Angelise Poetess, Kisito Assangni, Franko B, Alex Binnie, Vera Bremerton, Paride Calvia Patrizia Carlota, Liz Clarke, Patrick Courtney, Robert Crosse, David Pompili Davil,  Jessica and Antonio di Luca, Fidia Falaschetti, Nick Hudson, Ryan & Luke Jordan, Chloe Lawrence, Rui Miguel Leitao, Mancinelli Trobbiani, Piero ½botta, Ólöf Helga Helgadóttir, Cristiano Petrucci,  Jennifer Picken & Kimbal Quist Bumstead, Tom Qualmann, Mentalphotographic, Sharon Reeves, David Rickard, Priya Saujani,  Angelo Santonicola, Flavio Sciole, Samm Shackleton, Qasim Riza Shaheen, Lady Stubbs, Julie Tolentino, Ernesto Tomasini, Ali Zaidi, Desmond Zeederberg

DJs: Franko B, Dr. MU (Kaos)

The Mori + Stein Gallery @ The Flying Dutchman is an interdependent artist run venue. At the entrance guests will have the chance to give their contact information for future art events. The Flying Dutchman will pay £3 for each new guest signing up for the news letter. The money donated by the Flying Dutchman will be shared among the participating artists to refund the artists expenses and as allocated by Franko B.

A short video from the previous UNTOUCHABLE, December 2012:


Review by Lisa Newman for Artillery.
UNTOUCHABLE was an exhibition and performance event curated by Franko B, November / December 2012.

Don't Touch Me There
Franko B's Performance Night at the Flying Dutchman

by Lisa Newman
"Invoking Jonestown" by Nick Kilby, with sound by Llewyn Maire, photo by Lisa Newman
LOVE, LONGING AND PERFORMANCE art are best experienced in their natural habitats of dark venues on the edges of civilization. "UNTOUCHABLE," curated by Italian performance artist Franko B, proved just that in November at The Flying Dutchman pub in Camberwell, London with an evening of performances on the 17th. The event doubled as a fundraiser for the Southwark LGBT Network and a platform for new live and visual art pieces to be exhibited in an informal setting. The familial vibe, the constant presence of Franko's two Jack Russell terriers, and the unabashed evidence of sex club accoutrements throughout the venue—including purple walls and a series of pull points on the ceiling, walls and floor—eemed to invoke an openness in the audience to participate in some of the more intimate performances.
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