Because of Love Volume 1 - The Place, London - 5th March 2013

Jessica Sabatini, Cloud Dance Festival >>>
There is no question of artist Franko B’s gift for generating live imagery of almost alchemical imagination. The conception and arrangement of Because of Love Volume 1 are striking in themselves; but it is the performance – in which he brings to bear his neutral, cohering presence and consummate, wordless candour – which finally endows this work with its uniquely moving qualities. [more >]

James Morgan, en de Horse >>>
This new work was emotional and shocking, but not at all in the way I had expected. Images were quieter and less charged than the nudity and blood-letting of his other works. I think the experience felt more deeply relatable and inclusive as a result. He was generous to the audience in a way which was profoundly different to what I can ever recall seeing on stage. [more >]

Eleanor Sikorski, Bellyflop Magazine >>>
When watching Because of Love volume 1, I am aware of the difference between the calm of my seated body and the noise of my mind. My perception of any performance, against my wishes, is always affected by how well or how little I know the artist/s involved. Watching Franko B on stage I observe that I hold great respect for him, not only because of what I am watching but because of what I allegedly know of him. I project qualities onto him – artistry, experience, intelligence, control.
[more >]