BECAUSE OF LOVE Volume 1 - reviews

Two more reviews from the premiere performance of BECAUSE OF LOVE Volume 1 at The Place Theatre, London - 5th March 2013.

Honour Bayes, Total Theatre Review >>>
At first Franko B’s new work Because of Love – Volume 1 appears as resolutely non-theatrical as his previous offerings. Incorporating an uncompromisingly opaque mise-en-scene and sections of unblinking repetition that lead nowhere, it very politely puts both fingers up at the proscenium arch that surrounds it. Yet it also weaves a story through our subconscious through a highly crafted use of emotive projections, a rousing piano score, an animatronic dancing polar bear, a glitter ball, and the most effective use of Canidae heads since the bombastically theatrical Three Kingdoms. [more >]

Jareh Das, Aesthetica Magazine >>>
As you take your seat for Franko B’s latest performance, Because of Love Volume 1, it was hard to pre-empt what this evening was about to offer. An artist renowned for using his body and blood in performances, here, we are in a theatre waiting for his most ambitious production to date to commence, with a title that gives little indication of what to expect from the work. [more>]

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