MILK & BLOOD - live stream

Franko B will showcase MILK & BLOOD at Toynbee Studios - his first London performance for over two years. A special performance will be live-streamed by this is tomorrow on 27th July 2015.

Mon 27 July 2015 19:30 - the performance will be available to watch live online at

28th & 29th July - Tickets on sale now to watch the performance at Toynbee Studios, London:

photo by Hugo Glendinning

Internationally recognised as a pioneering performance artist, Franko B will use both his body and a punch bag as democratic tools, embodying notions of the personal, political and poetic. In this unprecedented performance Franko B returns to the seminal aesthetics of the wound. Milk will bleed. Located in Toynbee’s atmospheric Court Room, a former juvenile court, Milk & Blood appropriates the aesthetics of boxing for twelve two minute rounds of mental and physical endurance. Exploring themes of pain, eroticism, revulsion, ecstasy and masculinity, the performance becomes a metaphor for social struggle and the ability to overcome. ‘Looking introspectively, I can truly say that I have successfully wrecked my career as a “bleeding” artist and continued my lust for life thanks to language.’ Franko B

Milk and Blood is supported by Arts Council England and presented in association with a/political