THE HOUSE ON THE LAKE - solo show at the Italian Cultural Institute, London

The house on the lake _ Franko B’s solo
show curated by Lavinia Filippi
14 June – 7 September 2018
39, Belgrave Square - London SW1X 8NX

The works exhibited in the project room of the ICI in London have been produced recently and include a series of drawings, stitched treads on paper, and a number of sculptures in ceramic. Franko B’s practice is about his experiences and about the world we live in. He works with images that for some reasons got impressed in his mind. They often come from his personal memories or from the news and social media.

The bleeding heart, the simplified shape of a house and the red cross are recurrent symbols in Franko’s practice, they tell about his childhood in an orphanage run by the Italian Red Cross, about his quest for love and stability, and about his passion for art and for life. The series of Lost boys are small size human-shaped ceramics that reflect on human condition and diversity; and explore the possibility of creating alternative communities.