A series of small works by Franko B, including stitched drawings on paper and a selection of ceramic figures from the 'Sinful Children' Series are now available to buy from Franko B's Etsy Shop >

These works are being sold to raise money for a new sculpture work, For Our Sins, which will be produced 2019-2020.

THE FUTURE IS NEVER TOO FAR - group show curated by Franko B

Group exhibition curated by Franko B

Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, via Giovanni Giolitti 51, 10123, Torino, Italy

14th June - 10th September 2019

Raffaele Cirianni Elena Radovix Gaia Novellati Marco Paganini Giuseppe Mulas Dede Varetto Davide Damato Hamit Kola Lucia Corino Elena Mantello Annaclara Di Biase Chiara Cadei Andrea Rinaudo Lisa Redetti Francesca Malvaso

TOUCH: Perspectives from the Medical Humanities - exhibition in Bristol

10th-13th June 2019
Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft
17-25 Jamaica Street Bristol

Students on the intercalated BA in Medical Humanities have brought together works, videos and talks from a variety of artists, academics, and care professionals based in and around Bristol which explore touch from these three perspectives. 

Curated works include: images of works from the Franko B. archive (with grateful thanks for the permission); works arising out of the collaboration between Georgina Morley (critical care nurse and PhD) and Annie Sharon Fox (artist and art psychotherapist) exploring moral distress; a curated playlist for the exhibition by Yuki Ame; a talk by Dr Alan Kellas on Thursday afternoon; street art going up on the wall by The Bad Doctor; and more to come.

The Many Lives of Performance - Second blog post from writers in residence programme at the Franko B Archive

As part of the Wellcome Trust funded project Challenging Archives: Delivering research access, public engagement and the curatorial care of the Franko B archive, writers-in-residence Mary Paterson and Maddy Costa are engaging creatively with the Franko B archive as it is catalogued, conserved and made accessible. This is the second in a series of blog posts that will reflect on the complex set of challenges the Franko B archive poses, the archival process and Franko B’s artistic practice which explores issues such as the limits of the body and the human condition, dealing with pain, suffering, abuse of power, empathy, eroticism, and sexuality in contemporary culture.
Read the post here >

Franko B’s archive is held as part of the Live Art Archives at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection.