I'M HERE (EDITING MY TIME) AN OFFERING - New digital publication by Franko B and David Caines

I'm Here is a new publication by Franko B and David Caines. The book is available only in PDF form - and exclusively through Unbound, with a special launch price of £8.00.
Buy it here: thisisunbound.co.uk/collections/available-digitally/products/im-here

'I’m Here is a collaborative project with artist and designer David Caines and made possible by the generosity of artists, collaborators, scholars, curators, academics and friends that have contributed to my life journey and work. A collection of more than 400 archival images and critical writing about my time and work, edited by me from material that forms my archive, which is held at the University of Bristol, spanning over 30 years of my art practice.' - Franko B

I'm Here responds to the acquisition of Franko B's archive by the University of Bristol. The archive contains more than 30 years of material relating to Franko’s performances, exhibitions, screenings, visual art, collaborations and his work as a curator, lecturer and mentor. All items, including digitised copies of the videos in the collection, are available to view on site at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection.