CROSS MY HEART: FRANKO B - review of exhibition at New Art Projects by Lilian Pizzichini for Trebuchet

Review by Lilian Pizzichini for Trebuchet:

"History permeates Franko B’s work. It might look like personal history, but the history and the future he imagines is made of people other than himself. The dead are the material of his work and with the dead come numbers. This is where the ceramics come in. The tiny painted porcelain figures who line the walls of his show are arranged first as a heart then as a cross. He has forgotten no one. [...]"

FRANKO B: I'M HERE - review by Stewart Who

Review by Stewart Who? for Shortwave.

 "When the lights dimmed to darkness and Franko emerged, painted white and naked, it was hard not to shudder in concerned excitement. His bare, ghostly body has been a consistent theme over the years, but for this show, the whitewash served to turn his flesh into canvas for a digital montage. The rotating dais echoed those creepy children’s ballerina boxes, but this was no nursery rhyme and taffeta tutus were thin on the ground. [...]"

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